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AOC appellations

AOCs of
Domaine des petits Quarts

AOC Bonnezeaux

covers 80 hectares in the commune of “Thouarcé”, near the “Layon” river, in “Maine et Loire”. To make AOC Bonnezeaux wine, only one grape variety is authorized: Chenin. To elaborate our AOC Bonnezeaux wine with a high residual sugar content (everything is natural, no sugar is added), we use a natural technique: the “passerillage”. We dry the grapes to increase their sugar concentration and decrease the amount of water. We either deprive them of interaction with their branch (we twist them), or we harvest them by hand and lay them on the ground. It is the wind and the sun which are going to dry the grapes and create an over-maturation essential to the formation of sugar and noble rot.

AOC Coteaux du Layon

The Layon is a tributary of the Loire which takes its source in the south of the region of “Maine et Loire”. Twenty-seven municipalities constitute the geographical area of AOC Coteaux du Layon, among which we distinguish six famous municipalities including Faye-d'Anjou, where Domaine des Petits Quarts is located.
All our AOC Coteaux-du-Layon are sweet white wines and are stamped AOC Coteaux du Layon.

AOC Anjou Blanc

Our Anjou Blanc dry white wine has the AOC. This appellation produces on about 900 hectares of dry white wines in the heart of “Anjou”, that represents 150 municipalities. It includes two distinct areas :

  • Anjou noir on schist soils is the most extensive area;
  • Anjou Blanc, on white chalk soils, which is smaller.

AOC Crémant de Loire

Crémant de Loire AOC was officially recognized in 1975. The territory covers the areas of Anjou, Saumur, Touraine and Cheverny.
Our sparkling wines are the result of the Loire tradition, the know-how of our winemakers, and the mild climate of Anjou.



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