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Sparkling wines

Harvested first, our Crémant sets the tone for the harvest. With its fine and festive bubbles, fresh and delicate aromas, our Crémant will delight all palates. Its ageing on laths brings it richness as well as subtle aromas of white flowers and yellow fruits. The dosage balances it at ... g/l of sugar, offering a perfect balance and allowing for numerous food and wine pairings...

Are you a lover of fine wines and in search of a high-quality French sparkling wine?

The Domaine des Petits Quarts is one of the renowned names in the Loire Valley wine landscape. We are pleased to offer you a range of great vintages and exceptional wines. Among this selection, our sparkling wine is the latest addition to our vineyard. With its fine bubbles that will enchant your palate, it fully expresses the uniqueness of our terroir.

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Difference between a sparkling wine and a fizzy wine?

Unlike still wines, a sparkling wine contains bubbles, which are carbon dioxide (CO2). This effervescence comes from the pressure of carbon dioxide born both from fermentation and the airtight closure of the bottle.

There are three categories of sparkling wines:

  • Sparkling wine
  • Fizzy wine
  • Perlant wine

A sparkling wine is characterized by a pressure of carbon dioxide between 1 to 2.5 bars at 20°C. At tasting, the sensation of prickling in the mouth is moderate and the bubbles are well balanced.

Choosing an Exceptional Loire Sparkling Wine: Crémant de Loire A Quality Effervescent Wine

Did you know that Crémant de Loire is an AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée)?

Recognized as a high-quality Loire sparkling wine, it meets strict specifications:

  • Hand-harvested grapes
  • Sugar content lower than 50g per liter
  • Aging for a minimum of 9 months
  • Pressing yield that does not exceed 100 liters of juice for 150 kilograms of whole grapes, etc.

A Strong Identity From Our Local Grape Varieties

Our Crémant de Loire is a white sparkling wine that draws its aromas from the gray and purple schist of our soils. It is specially blended from the grape varieties of our local vineyards such as Chenin Blanc.

Let yourself be seduced by its clear and crystalline appearance. The finesse of its bubbles is the result of the traditional method, a second fermentation in the bottle after the addition of yeast or tirage liqueur.

Thanks to our expertise passed down for over 4 generations, the Domaine des Petits Quarts is proud to present you with a Loire sparkling wine of exceptional quality for unparalleled pleasure on the palate.

Matching Sparkling Wine for a Successful Tasting

While sparkling wine remains a traditional exceptional product, it is still easy to match with food.

Appetizers, cocktails, dinners, meat-based, fish-based, vegetarian dishes, desserts, and sweets: with its freshness in the mouth and subtle notes on the nose, Loire effervescent wine pairs perfectly with your festive dishes.

Less expensive than champagne, its fine bubbles are an ideal choice for celebrating your big occasions. As a couple, with family or friends, Loire white sparkling wines will elegantly accompany all your festive and precious moments.

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