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Sweet Wines

For our Coteaux du Layon, the grapes are harvested very ripe. It is appreciated for its roundness and voluptuousness. For this cuvée, we wait for over-ripeness of our grapes, then we manually harvest them by successive sorting. The sugar level reaches 110g/l and is balanced by a beautiful acidity and aromas of exotic fruits. Perfect to consume in its youth, however, do not hesitate to forget some bottles in your cellar for several years...

If you are a fan of sweet and fruity wines or are interested in discovering them, you have come to the right place. Here, you will find outstanding, flavorful, and smooth white wines that are perfect for sharing with family and friends.

AOC wines from an exceptional terroir

Our vineyards are situated in the heart of Anjou, in a cool and humid climate, which is perfect for growing grapes. Our vines benefit from a strong exposure to the sun, as they grow on a 25% sloping hillside, and they benefit from a microclimate that comes from the nearby Atlantic Ocean. The soil is made up of limestone, shale, and granite, which provide the ideal conditions for our grapes.
Thanks to this unique terroir and our love for it, as well as our hand-picked harvest method, we have won numerous awards, including the title of “best sweet wine in the world” for our 1996 vintage. Our Coteaux du Layon wines also benefit from the AOC classification, which attests to their exceptional quality.

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A wide selection of moelleux wines from the Layon valley in Faye-d’Anjou

Whether you’re familiar with white wines from our beautiful region or not, you have a choice of several Angevin moelleux wines at Domaine Petits Quarts. We offer Layon 1er tri, Coteaux du Layon, Layon Faye oak barrel, and finally, Layon Faye. You will appreciate them all for their sweet and smooth flavor.
These voluptuous and sweet white wines are made from very ripe grapes that are hand-harvested. Their sugar content of 110g/l is perfectly balanced with aromas of exotic fruits and a beautiful acidity. Whether you taste them young or after they have spent a few years in your cellar, these moelleux wines are ideal for all occasions.

Moelleux wines for all occasions…

Do you have a special event to celebrate? A family or friends gathering? Or do you simply want to treat yourself or someone else? There are no rules for opening a good bottle of Layon wine. Whether it’s for a small or exceptional occasion, it’s the perfect nectar for anyone who appreciates moelleux wine.
Although this wine is commonly served as an aperitif during lunch or dinner, it can be enjoyed throughout the meal, and even until dessert. It’s also a great idea for your afternoon gourmet breaks.

And it pairs with any dish!

Do you want to pair your dishes with a moelleux wine to enhance your culinary experiences? No problem, Layon white moelleux wine pairs well with many dishes such as foie gras for your festive meals, blue cheeses for all your receptions, Asian dishes with sweet and savory notes, and of course all desserts.
What greater pleasure can you offer to your taste buds and those of your loved ones than the excellent and renowned Layon moelleux wine?

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